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Personal Injury, Civil
Turner v. Ty Coon and Cody Pendant
Susan K. Roberts
Product Liability
Capella v. Petzicon Products, Inc.
New Jersey State Bar Foundation
Property Damage (Civil)
RC Charolais vs. Red Devon
Adapted from Texas RC Brahman vs. Mahal Amrit
Adverse Possession (Civil)
McDougal v. O’Neill
Original Case
Arson, Criminal
State of Oklahoma v. Bonham
Original Case
Assault, Criminal
New York v. PJ Long
Original Case
Breach of Contract, Civil
Carter v. St. Camillus Care Facility
Original Case
Burglary, Criminal
State of New Jersey v. Pat Hopper
Original Case
Constitutional Law, Civil
Greenwood v. Chief Billie Durden
Original Case
Cyber-Stalking, Criminal
Arcadia v. Kinsley Williams
*Adapted from 2009 Georgia; 2008 Idaho; and 2004 Illinois
Defamation, Civil
Perdante v. Dalton Academy
Original Case
Drug Possession
State of Mississippi v. Patton
Original Case
Drug Trafficking, Criminal
State of Hawaii v. Sandy Bryant
*Adapted from Georgia
Employment Law, Civil
Gordon v. Earhart School District
Original case
Estate Law Civil
Estate of Simone Langston v. Shea Harris
*Adapted from Pennsylvania
Estate of Estelle Heeney-Potter
Original Case
Injunctive Relief
Wisawe Chapter of Friends of Bag Turtles v. ZenoPharma, Inc.
Original Case
Insurance Fraud, Civil
Mid-South Insurance Liability Company, Inc. v. Denim N-More, Inc.
Original Case
Involuntary Manslaughter, Criminal
Iowa v. Fletcher
*Adapted from Kentucky
Manslaughter, Criminal
State of Rhode Island v. Taylor Durden
*Adapted from South Carolina
Murder, Criminal
State v. Sublette
Marguerite Herman
State of Nevada v. Barry
*Adapted from New Mexico
United States v. Rawley Winsor
Jon Grode & Paul Kaufman
USA v. Storm
Original Case
Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Morgan Smith
Original Case
Arkansas v. Hayes
*Adapted from Indiana
Colorado v. Sam Seaside
*Adapted from Wisconsin
State of Delaware v. Hayes
*Adapted from Indiana
State of Georgia v. Capulet
Original Case
Negligence, Civil
Cavanaugh v. Cup of Joe
*Adapted from Wyoming and South Carolina
Boyd v. Le Condè Inn, Inc.
*Adapted from Indiana*Adapted from Indiana
R.C. Braham v. Mahal Amrit
Original Case
Malcom v. Utopia Zoo
*Adapted from North Carolina
Evening Star Life & Casualty Ins. Co. v. Ithacus Solutions, Inc. and Estate of Millicent A. Tennyson
Original Case
Removal Proceeding
In the Matter of Jens Kindarhaz
*Adapted from Nebraska
Aggravated Mischief, Criminal
State of Maine v. Jordan Spencer
Nancy Ziegler
Arson, Criminal
State of Illinois v. Grey
Illinois State Bar Association
State of Oregon v. Lane
Classroom Law Project, *Adapted from the Constitutional Rights Foundation*
Breach of Contract, Civil
Dakota Skyy v. Castle College and Morgan Pettigrew
Delaware Law-Related Education Center, Inc.
D’Baha Indian Tribe v. Intrepid Mining Corp.
Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education
Civil Rights, Civil
Rook E. Greenwood v. Chief Billie Durden as Chief of the Miltonville Police Dept.
YLD High School Mock Trial Committee
Coercion of Public Servant, Criminal
State of Texoma v. Sitka Spruce
Law-Related Education Programs
Constitutional Law, Civil
Pat Parker v. Village of Empireville and Board of Trustees of Village of Empireville
Law, Youth & Citizenship Program of the State of New York Bar Association
Pat Christianson v. Jefferson High School
Mock Trial Case Development Committee, *Adapted from Maine*
Constitutional Law, Criminal
Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Sam(antha) Oddington
Mock Trial Program, Department of Juvenile Services
Cyber-Stalking, Civil
Jamie Cullen v. Kris Stewart
*Adapted from New Mexico and Pennsylvania* Carolyn P. Gravit, State Coordinator
Informed Consent, Civil
Estate of Simone Langston v. Dr. Lefu Harrison
Pennsylvania Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division
Insurance Fraud, Civil
Shapiro v. Blackstone Ins. Grp.
*Adapted from Missouri*, Rando Hicks, State Mock Trial Coordinator
Invasion of Privacy, Civil
Winnie Smith v. Heartland Computers, Inc., et al.
Iowa State Bar Association Center for Law & Civic Education
Leaving Scene of Accident, Criminal
State of Missouri v. Brock Gabriel Suzik
The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis

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