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The National High School Mock Trial Championship, Inc., is pleased to provide a Library of Mock Trial cases for your use. The mock trial cases on this website are available to coordinators interested in using these materials. States and territories who participate in the National Championship are asked to contribute on an annual basis to this library.

The originators of the material in this library have given their permission for your use of their material for educational purposes. If you use any of the material from this library, the originator must be given written credit on any materials you generate.

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To order cases: (this part of the web site is currently under revision)

Please review the case summaries, and note the Case Number (such as 1979CVWashingtonDC). Contact your State Coordinator and request that Case Number. If the case is available in electronic format, your State Coordinator will download and send it to you. Your State Coordinator, in some cases, may also give you instructions to request your own login and password to download the case yourself.

We will make every attempt to provide the case electronically, but if the case is not available in electronic format (available in hard copy only) there is a $5.00 fee charged for mailing the case which covers the administrative fees and costs associated with maintaining the library and delivering the case. In this event, we will contact you and provide further instructions.

NOTE: If you have any questions while the web site is being revised, please contact:

Larry Bakko
NHSMTC Technical Support
Computer Consulting Group
PO Box 353
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965